Our Story

Welcome to Shy Unicorn, thanks for stopping by! We love Unicorns and everything to do with them.

Our Inspiration

Our daughter Ella was the inspiration for this store, she absolutely adores Unicorns. Toys, bed sheets, cups, clothes, hair bands! The list goes on...

Every time we bought Ella anything the first thought was always Unicorns! In fact we remember spending a month looking for a new pair of boots for her. If they were not Unicorn boots, she wasn't going to wear them.

We soon realised that the magical, mythical and beautiful Unicorn is loved all over the world and our vision was to create a shop that Ella would love (and she does). Our only hope is you love the store too! 

Our Promise 

All of the products on Shyunicorn.com are researched and chosen extremely carefully. We want to deliver quality and value every time you make a purchase. To be able to offer you the best possible value we source our products from all over the world and aim to cut out the middle man. 

This means some of our products can take slightly longer to arrive, but we are fully committed to delivering exceptional service. Our first customer (Ella) would expect nothing else! 


We do hope you enjoy gazing over our store. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at hello@shyunicorn.com.

Wishing you magical times.

A & C x